HERMES – dedicated to research and science

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17 years ago, Johannes Burges, owner of the HERMES Group (1968 – 2018), decided to set up a charitable foundation. In line with its mission statement “Health is our mission”, the foundation is committed to preventive medicine and healthcare. In particular, research in these areas is to be promoted.

Since December 2004, the foundation has supported numerous projects that correspond to this purpose. Recent projects include a study on the exercise behavior of children with heart disease, the development of an app to support a healthier diet, as well as a number of doctoral theses and endowed professorships.

There is currently an endowed professorship at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. With the “Master of International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (M.Sc.)” course, the university is primarily dedicated to application-oriented scientific issues and has already achieved considerable success. Research in the field of preventive medicine was already a hot topic 17 years ago and is even more so today. With the Hermes-Johannes-Burges Foundation, we are pleased to be able to make an important contribution to this.