Energy allowance

The current media coverage is dominated by news that poses major challenges to people’s everyday lives and thus to our employees and their families. Regardless of the German and Austrian governments’ current or planned measures, the HERMES Group has decided to support its employees over and above these.

What is happening in the world is a challenge for each and every one of us. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been ongoing for more than two years, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is now exacerbating everyday life, with major repercussions for the economy and thus our daily lives. As consumers, we notice this in enormous price increases for energy and food, for example.
The German and Austrian governments have already reacted to some extent, by putting together or discussing measures to provide relief for citizens.

Independently of this, the management team and the executive board have discussed intensively how the HERMES Group can offer its employees concrete support, especially in view of the coming autumn and winter with drastically rising energy prices.

The decision of the holding company’s management demonstrates our commitment to our employees!
With effect from October 1, 2022, limited until December 31, 2023, the HERMES Group will pay each employee an energy bonus of € 200 net per month (or an inflation premium of € 200* per month in Austria) with their salary!

Management of HERMES Arzneimittel Holding GmbH from left to right: Jörg Wieczorek, Holger Dietel and Dr. Andreas Schrepfer

Quote from the management:

“Please see the HERMES Group’s energy allowance or cost of living premium as a gesture of solidarity, because you, our employees, are particularly important to us. We are confident that with your support we will also be able to overcome the challenges that lie ahead of us, and we would like to not only help you to get through financial difficulties more easily, but also express our thanks and appreciation for your commitment.”

Would you also like to work for a social employer and benefit from the energy allowance or cost-of-living bonus? Then take a look directly at our vacancies. We look forward to seeing you!