The HERMES Group is Pink & Blue – Together for health

Categories: Employees, Social

The Pink & Blue Ribbon fundraising campaign at all HERMES locations was all about women’s and men’s health.

The pink ribbon is the worldwide symbol for women’s health awareness, more precisely for breast cancer awareness.

Blue Ribbon focuses on men’s health. Blue Ribbon and “Movember” have set themselves the goal of raising awareness of prostate cancer. This is symbolized by a blue ribbon and the typical moustache of the “Movember” campaign.

Together with its employees, HERMES wanted to draw attention to this important issue: Pink and blue ribbons were distributed at all HERMES Group sites, which employees pinned to their clothing as a symbol of women’s and men’s health. Participation in the “Movember” campaign was not neglected either – there were definitely a few more moustaches at the HERMES locations.

On the HERMES social intranet, colleagues shared lots of pictures with pink and blue bows, moustaches and color-coordinated cupcakes.

The organizers of the campaign were very pleased with the commitment of their colleagues and are glad that a colleague approached them with the idea for the day of action. The day of action was initiated by a HERMES employee who himself had a case of cancer in his family and has therefore been involved in the “Movember campaign” for several years.

Our HERMES employees have definitely achieved their goal of working together to raise awareness of breast and prostate cancer, provide information and promote early detection.

At the same time, money was raised for the PINK RIBBON and BLUE RIBBON organizations through cupcake sales at HERMES locations and personal donations from employees. The HERMES H.O.P.E. initiative accompanied and supported the fundraising campaign and doubled the amount collected.