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As a medium-sized group of companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, we combine tradition and innovation. The constant further development of our products and services with an eye for sustainability and social responsibility influence our economic activities.

1,000 employees

In 4 companies, at 5 locations, two of which produce in 2 countries.

28,000 customers

In over 60 countries.

€300 million turnover

Cross-company within the HERMES Group.

Wir sind die HERMES Group

New professional perspectives

Pullach, Germany • full-time
Pullach, Germany • full-time
Bad Heilbrunn, Germany • full-time
Bad Heilbrunn, Germany • full-time
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Our services

More free time

More time to relax. Our employees enjoy non-working bridge days and compensatory days as additional vacation.

Attractive compensation package

We greatly appreciate the commitment of our employees and offer an attractive remuneration package including other contractual fringe benefits.

More movement

Our leasing bikes get your circulation going in the morning, promote health and protect the environment.

Work and private life in harmony

We see a successful balance between work and leisure as the basis for professional success.

Flexible working models

We enable flexible working models (at home or in the office, depending on the job) to meet individual needs.

Time out

We offer various options for temporary time off to be able to realize personal wishes and plans.

Where we are at home!

Entdecken Sie unsere fünf Standorte in Pullach,
Wolfratshausen, Bad Heilbrunn, Wolfsberg und Wien.

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