On the way to fresh ideas

Categories: Benefits, Employees

Balancing your private and professional life is facilitated very well at the HERMES Group thanks to the flexitime arrangement. Depending on how the contractual working hours are distributed, employees can start the weekend as early as Friday midday.

Tobias Arnold, Head of HR & Internal Communication, takes advantage of this opportunity to pursue his mountain running hobby in the early afternoon on Fridays.

For Tobias Arnold, the short Friday is an ideal opportunity to combine hobbies, work and family. In winter, when it gets dark early, he can still pursue his hobby in the light on Friday afternoons without needing a headtorch.

„In addition, doing something “for yourself” on Friday afternoon is the ideal compensation for the four sometimes very long and intensive days, Monday to Thursday, before the weekend starts.”

Endurance is essential for mountain running – both mental and physical. He builds stamina, as well as the ability to persevere, through his hobby and uses this for intense days of work.

“For me it is also mental hygiene to have a buffer between my work and private life; it is meditative when I do it alone but I also like having company.”

Up on the mountain, not only does my head clear, but many new ideas for my work routine also form: the “right” mix for coronavirus measures, inspiration for the personnel development programme and approaches for the further development of my own team are just a few of the things that occured to me in the fresh mountain air.

Fortunately, Tobias Arnold’s favourite routes are not far from the German HERMES Group locations:

– Bad Tölz/Lenggries mountain region
Zwiesel, Blomberg and Heiglkopf in combination is a beautiful classic, just like a run on the Brauneck or the Seekarkreuz.

– Tegernsee mountain region:
The Wallberg is a splendid running route.

As a former “Salzburger by choice”, Tobias Arnold also recommends trails in the region around Salzburg.